It’s time to upgrade my bari sax setup: first of all I’ve changed my old low A R&C R1 Jazz AUG (silver plate with gold keys and inside bell) for a brand new bare brass R1 Jazz sax. The sound qualities are pretty the same but the new instrument is more in tune, very stable and with more tone homogeneity. In addition I was impressed by the volume. R&C did a great job improving the intonation in the high notes (my old bari was a little flat especially on high F and F#) and the mechanics too that is very robust.

In my last travel to the R&C factory, I had the chance to try also the new production of R&C-Maurino mouthpieces for baritone saxophone. Those MPC are inspired by the renowned Otto Link Slant signature from the ’50, so big large chamber mpc, round sidewalls and a horseshoe rollover on the tip. I had the chance to compare the R&C-Maurino with my old mouthpiece, that (by case) is a Slant Sig 9* completely original and that plays with a fat and robust tone. I was impressed by the sound quality of the R&C-Maurino that preserve the original feeling and tone response but with more complexity on the sound. In conclusion I’m really thinking to sell my old Slant (see next posts).

I take this opportunity also to notice that those beautiful MPCs are available in all R&C retailers.

Thank you to Claudio Zolla, Rampone & Cazzani and Giancarlo Maurino for having created such masterpieces!



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