Unknown Rebel Band

Powerful notes played without restraint to celebrate the significance of freedom and those who fought for it.

“A suite dedicated to rebellious women and men, whose names remain unknown. Rebels of a different time, from different parts of the world. A composition where the voices of anonymous women and men can emerge from silence, defining them and, at the same time, uniting them in a chorus for the same ideals that marked their lives. The “Unknown Rebel” suite represents them, and us and all of those people whose commitment to the future is a passion.” (Giovanni Guidi)

It was June 5, 1989 when a young Chinese student, who would break the news and go down in history as the unknown rebel, faced the tanks on Tiananmen Square alone. Twenty years later Giovanni Guidi put to music the emotions that the not only courageous, but also spectacular act had aroused in him. An act caught photographically, which went around the world and became one of the symbols of the fight against injustices. The idea was the origin of a band and an album…

Recorded in Perugia on 25, 26 February 2009 at Entropya Studios Recording engineer Roberto Lioli Mixed in Ludwigsburg on 28, 29 April 2009 at Bauer Studios Mixing engineer Johannes Wohlleben


Dan Kinzelman (Reeds)
Daniele Tittarelli (Reeds)
David Brutti (Reeds)
Fulvio Sigurtà (Trumpet)
Giovanni Guidi (Piano)
Joao Lobo (Drums)
Mauro Ottolini (Sousaphone, Trombone)
Michele Rabbia (Percussion)
Mirco Rubegni (Trumpet)
The Unknown Rebel Band (Band)
Giovanni Maier (Double bass)
Release date Sep 8, 2009

Duration 0:52:34

Barcode 8024709109026


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